The World Won't End

from @​@​TRANCOUNT by Schemawound



Origanally released as part of Disquiet Junto 0052 BumpCC

Created from samples of:
-“Bongo” off the Aguas Tonicas album Los Desposeídos
-“Broken Robots” off the Gridline album Red Music
-“The Cat in the Ocean” off the Pics Frunk album Low Voltage

Blog post about the creation of this track:


from @​@​TRANCOUNT, released January 20, 2013




Schemawound New Haven, Connecticut

Schemawound is a solo electronic project of J.Siemasko. Free from the constraints of genre Schemawound is able to evolve and change with every release.

Please check my website for more releases.

I have previously released material through
Subterranean Tide, Waxen Wings, Dystimbria, Xylem Records a/b HNT records.
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